Getting the Ogre3D Tutorials to Run on Gentoo

I just wanted a rendering engine that works, and decided on Ogre because there are tons of tutorials and samples sitting around so that I could get a feel for the API. Setting it up was not so easy, mostly because I did it wrong.

I didn't expect it to turn into a quest.

First Attempt -- Goofiness, Don't Do This

It is there! Yay! But it chokes on freeimage, and I can't find the demos anywhere. Instead, I find stuff about how I'd be better off just building from the site packages anyway from nearly everyone who bothered to state an opinion. So, I do that. Or start anyway. Basically put together the information in these two threads:

Eventually, Success!

But why is the framerate so low? Even for crappy hardware, it isn't that crappy.

And I'm pretty sure it isn't supposed to look like that. How did could I manage to cut 'n paste code wrong?

Some things will just have to remain a mystery until I can be bothered to investigate.

A Little Rethinking

Since the solution to getting the tutorials running was just raiding the parts I needed from the Ogre Demo, and I already had them why am I maintaining a rogue Ogre build instead of using the one from portage? So it gets a little out of date. Less hassle than fussing about with my own pkg-config paths and linking AND it built fine when I tried it the first time: I just couldn't find the demos.

So I emerged it. And it worked. And it was the same version anyway.

Slight update to plugins.cfg to point to /usr/lib/OGRE rather than /usr/local/lib/OGRE and everything still works.

I feel dumb for believing the internet. I'm about to feel even dumber.

Find and Doh

One, meaning I, should pay attention to what they, also meaning I, type. Leaving out the / in

    find / -iname "ExampleApplication.h"
gets very different results than using it. Just so you, y'know, I, know.

The demos were in /usr/share/doc/ogre-<version whatever> all along. Doh.

Sept. 17, 2009